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Pud of f* (FC) fame, a favorite site of the dot bomb era, and a site I absolutely loved until my company became featured, has given us a look at his backend: Why Must You Laugh At My Back End. For those whose don't remember FC's history, TechCrunch published a fitting eulogy:

[FC] first went live in 2000, chronicling failing and troubled companies in its unique and abrasive style after the dot com bust. Within a year it had a massive audience and was getting serious mainstream press attention. As the startup economy became better in 2004, much of the attention the site received went away. But a large and loyal audience remains at the site, coming back day after day for its unique slant on the news. At its peak, FC had 4 million unique monthly visitors.

Delightfully, FC was not a real-names kind of site. Hard witty cynicism ruled and not a single cat picture was in sight. It was a blast of fun when all around was the enclosing dark.

So when I saw Pud's post I was quite interested to see what he was up to. I was not disappointed. It's suitably idiosyncratic:

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