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It's HighScalability Time:

  • Exascale Supercomputer: how IBM plans to understand data from a universe of light;  905 Billion Objects and 650,000 Requests/Second: S3; 64-cores: PostgreSQL shows linear read scalability;
  • Quotable quotes:
    • pkaler: Programming is hard. Scaling is harder.
    • @crucially: As far as I can tell, openstack is what happens when ops people write code.
    • @DEVOPS_BORAT: Goal of sysadmin is replace itself with small shell script. Goal of devops is replace itself with small REST API.
    • @fowlduck: ec2, where dynamic scalability means them running out of instances :(
    • hcarvalhoalves: You know what is amazing? Is that as soon you hit bigger or more general problems, you always face the compromise of "trading X resource for accuracy". Which leads me to believe that software, so far, has only been deterministic by pure accident.
    • Geva Perry: In the Game of Clouds, You Win Or You Die: CloudStack
  • Exclusive: a behind-the-scenes look at Facebook release engineering. Ryan Paul with a fascinating blow by blow of a Facebook software release: Facebook's entire code base is compiled down to a single 1.5GB  binary executable...
  • MongoDb Architecture. Ricky Ho with an epic look at the finer details of how MongoDb web scales. Covers: Major difference from RDBMS, Query processing, Storage Model, Data update and Transaction, Replication Model, Sharding Model, Map/Reduce Execution. Conclusion is MongoDb is very powerful and easy to use.
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