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This is a guest post from Per Buer, founder and CEO of Varnish Software, provider of Varnish Cache, an open source web application accelerator freely available at Varnish powers a lot of really big websites worldwide.

We at Varnish Software are all about speed. Varnish Cache is built for speed. It executes its policy code more or less a thousand times faster than your typical Java or PHP based application servers, mostly due to the fact that the configuration is compiled into system call free machine code.

System calls require expensive context switches, stall the CPU and wreck havoc in the CPU cache so avoiding them makes the code fly. There are strong limitations on what kind of logic you can move into Varnish Cache, but the logic that you do move there will run very fast.

An example is using Varnish for access control to serve access controlled content from the caching edge layer.

The Varnish Paywall

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