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It's HighScalability Time:

  • Serves 4 billion hours of video each month, has 425M gmail users, and has 100PB of active data: Google;  340,000+ cores across 300 data centers to >10k scientists, archiving 15PB / yr: Open Science Grid
  • Quotable Quotes:
    • Chris Travers: MySQL is what you get when application developers build an RDBMS. PostgreSQL is what you get when database developers build an application development platform.
    • Hasen: Node.JS is a terrible platform. It’s terribleness stems from a very simple aspect of it, and this aspect happens to be central to how it works: callback-based I/O
    • @cgul: @github nooooooooo say it aint so. But I read all your articles on high scalability!
    • @brianfcoope: Can't we all just get along? MT @otrajman "Biggest problem with NoSQL guys is none of them know anything about databases..." - Stonebraker
  • Thank you CIO for including HighScalability as a top Cloud blog.
  • Listen to your mom, just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean you should too. Timo Zimmermann in  My Stack Is Bigger Than Yours - Ranting About Web Applications And Scalability says the same about frameworks. Don't go full stack, instead: keep your stack as small as possible; always keep scaling in mind; only scale when you need it; use what you know; "it works" is good enough most of the time.
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