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Hey, it's HighScalability time:

  • Who am I? I have 50 petabytes of data stored in Hadoop and Teradata, 400 million items for sale, 250 million queries a day, 100,000 pages served per second, 112 million active users, $75 billions sold in 2012...If you guessed eBay then you've won the auction.
  • Quotable Quotes:
    • Controlled Experiments at Large Scale: Bing found that every 100ms faster they deliver search result pages yields 0.6% more in revenue
    • Luis Bettencourt: A city is first and foremost a social reactor. It works like a star, attracting people and accelerating social interaction and social outputs in a way that is analogous to how stars compress matter and burn brighter and faster the bigger they are.
    • @nntaleb: unless you understand that fat tails come from concentration of errors, you should not discuss probability & risk 
  • Need to make Hadoop faster? Hadoop + GPU: Boost performance of your big data project by 50x-200x? Or there's Spark, which uses in-memory techniques to run upto 100x faster than Hadoop. Also, Spark: Open Source Superstar Rewrites Future of Big Data

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