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Who's Hiring?

  • Apple is hiring for multiple positions. Imagine what you could do here. At Apple, great ideas have a way of becoming great products, services, and customer experiences very quickly.
    • Sr. Software Engineer. You will primarily work with the domain team including project managers and engineers, as well as a large team of consultants in California and India. You will also work with many cross-functional and infrastructural teams during software delivery life cycle. Assignments can include design, delivery and oversight of incremental functionality, as well as a multi-year re-architecture of a complex in-flight application. Please apply here.
    • Enterprise Software Engineer.  Ability to develop detailed design and deliver a scalable implementation. Hands-on development of new code and/or managing existing code as part of a group and/or alone. Evaluating products including open-source modules and if need be incorporating them into projects. Should be able to lead a small group of developers to develop and maintain systems. Please apply here
    • Senior Cocoa Engineer. Apple is seeking a senior Cocoa engineer to join the IS&T Client Frameworks team. Are you someone looking to solve technically challenging problems involving a wide range of technologies (client, server, web)? Please apply here.
    • Web Application Engineer. We are looking for a team player with focus on designing and developing WWDR’s web-based applications. The successful candidate must have the ability to take minimal business requirements and work pro-actively with cross functional teams to obtain clear objectives. Please apply here.
    • Web Application Engineer. We are looking for a team player with focus on designing and developing WWDR’s web-based applications. The successful candidate must have the ability to take minimal business requirements and work pro-actively with cross functional teams to obtain clear objectives. Please apply here.
    • Senior Web Developer: Worldwide Developer Relations. Responsible for the architecture, design and development of the user interface of WWDR’s web applications. Work with UI designer and marketing to analyze business requirements and contribute to functional requirements. Collaborate with server-side software engineers on design, document technical specifications, and implement proper solutions. Please apply here
    • Sr Software Engineer. The iOS Systems Team is looking for a Software Engineer to work on operations, tools development and support of worldwide iOS Device sales and activations. Please apply here
    • Sr. Software Engineer. The Identity Management Services team at Apple is in search of a motivated Senior Software Engineer who is self-driven and has a proven track record in design and development of complex, highly available and scalable systems. Please apply here
    • SQE and Operations Manager, iOS Systems. The iOS Systems team is looking for an experienced hands-on manager to lead the Quality Engineering, Build and Release Engineering team. Please apply here
    • Senior Engineer: Emerging Technology. Apple’s Emerging Technology group is looking for a senior engineer passionate about exploring emerging technologies to create paradigm shifting cloud based solutions. Please apply here. 
    • Senior Storage Engineer. Software Engineering Operations (SEO) is seeking an experienced storage engineer to join our team. This role will focus on designing, deploying and maintaining critical SAN and NAS storage solutions. Please apply here

  • UI EngineerAppDynamics, founded in 2008 and lead by proven innovators, is looking for a passionate UI Engineer to design, architect, and develop our their user interface using the latest web and mobile technologies. Make the impossible possible and the hard easy. Apply here.

  • Software Engineer - Infrastructure & Big DataAppDynamics, leader in next generation solutions for managing modern, distributed, and extremely complex applications residing in both the cloud and the data center, is looking for a Software Engineers (All-Levels) to design and develop scalable software written in Java and MySQL for backend component of software that manages application architectures. Apply here.

  • FreeAgent are looking for a talented Operations Engineer to come and work on the FreeAgent app, internal services and supporting infrastructure. You'll be working alongside our Ops team squashing single points of failure, fixing bottlenecks, profiling load and solving interesting scaling and automation problems. Please apply here

  • Intechnica is looking for Performance Architects, Performance Engineers, a Lead Automation Engineer, and a Solution Assurance Analyst. If making super-fast systems is your forte, send your CV with covering letter to

  • Stackdriver is looking for systems + cloud + dev + ops guru to serve as our liaison within the DevOps community. If you are passionate about monitoring and automation, enjoy working on open source, and are excited by the prospect of sharing your expertise with your peers, get in touch with us today!

  • We need awesome people @ - We want YOU! Come design next generation interfaces, solve critical scalability problems, and hack on one of the largest Perl codebases. Please apply online.

  • LogicMonitor is looking for a Front End developer to have a huge impact, be valued, realize their dreams, and help us realize ours. We are looking for someone to own the code that delivers the design and usability of LogicMonitor's enterprise SaaS application(s). Please apply online

  • New Relic is looking for a Java Instrumentation Engineer, Java Scalability Engineer,  Distributed Systems Engineer and Android app engineer in Portland, OR. Ready to scale a web service with more incoming bits/second than Twitter? 

Fun and Informative Events

  • Your event here.

Cool Products and Services

  • NuoDB Blackbirds Release 2.0 Birthday. They grow up so fast these days! What people love about NuoDB is that it’s stable, always there for you and its flexible. Which is why it’s winning all kinds of popularity competitions, from “Most Likely to Succeed” through “Least Likely To Fall Over Sharding” to “Most Likely to Be ACID Compliant”. 

  • Rapidly Develop Hadoop MapReduce Code. With ScaleOut hServer™ you can use a subset of your Hadoop data and run your MapReduce code in seconds for fast code development and you don’t need to load and manage the Hadoop software  stack, it's a self-contained Hadoop MapReduce execution environment. To learn more check out

  • - Monitor all your VPS, Dedicated and Cloud servers from one place. Whether you have only one server or hundreds of them, you will be able to check their status in seconds from the dashboard. Try server monitoring now for free.

  • MongoDB Backup Free Usage Tier Announced. We're pleased to introduce the free usage tier to MongoDB Management Service (MMS). MMS Backup provides point-in-time recovery for replica sets and consistent snapshots for sharded systems with minimal performance impact. Start backing up today at

  • BlueStripe FactFinder Express is the ultimate tool for server monitoring and solving performance problems. Monitor URL response times and see if the problem is the application, a back-end call, a disk, or OS resources.

  • NEW! Aerospike 3 - Download FREE. Introducing the new Aerospike 3 database that builds off of Aerospike's legacy of speed, scale, and reliability, adding an extensible data model that supports complex data types, large data types, queries using secondary indexes, user defined functions (UDFs) and distributed aggregations using Stream UDFs for real-time data.

  • The Rackspace Cloud Application Programming Interface (API)  has changed the game allowing customers to easily modify their cloud configuration with just a few lines of code. The API is a powerful tool and something everyone should know about, regardless of your level of technical ability.

  • aiScaler, aiProtect, aiMobile integrated solutions for Dynamic Site Acceleration, Denial of Service Protection and Simplifying Mobile Content. Free instant trial, no sign-up required.

  • LogicMonitor - Hosted monitoring of your entire technology stack. Dashboards, trending graphs, alerting. Try it free and be up and running in just 15 minutes.

  • ManageEngine Applications Manager : Monitor physical, virtual and Cloud Applications.

  • : Monitor End User Experience from a global monitoring network.

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