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Hey, it's HighScalability time:

Test your sense of scale. Is this image of something microscopic or macroscopic? Find out.
  • $465m: Amount lost in 45 minutes due to a software bug. Where? Where else...the finance industry.
  • Quotable Quotes:
    • FCC: Fiber-to-the-home, on average, has the best performance in terms of latency, with 18 ms average during the peak period, with cable having 26 ms latency and DSL 44 ms latency.
    • @CompSciFact: "About 1,000 instructions is a reasonable upper limit for the complexity of problems now envisioned." -- John von Neumann, 1946
    • @anildash: got 20M unique visitors in 20 days, faster than Google+ launch. Took Pinterest 2 years & BuzzFeed 4 years to hit 20M.
    • Thomas A. Edison: I start where the last man left off.
    • @brycebaril: I've never had a tech conference toy with my emotions like this year's #realtimeconf

  • Great explanation of the Netflix people don't know, their CDN. Chaos Kong is Coming: A Look At The Global Cloud and CDN Powering Netflix:  Netflix sees about 2 billion requests per day to its API, which serves as the “front door” for devices requesting videos, and routes the requests to the back-end services that power Netflix. That activity generates about 70 to 80 billion data points each day that are logged by the system.

  • Didn’t Work in Tests, Launched Anyway. This is just getting silly. When have projects built and released like this ever worked? Especially under huge huge initial loads. Never (or close to). This stuff is complicated for many reasons on every level. To compare such a product with a website is the height of technical ignorance. I recall Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

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