Recommend Strategy: Use Linux Taskset to Pin Processes or Let the OS Schedule It? (Email)

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This question comes from Ulysses on an interesting thread from the Mechanical Sympathy news group, especially given how multiple processors are now the norm:


  1. On an 8xCPU Linux instance,  is it at all advantageous to use the Linux taskset command to pin an 8xJVM process set (co-ordinated as a distributed cache/data grid) to a specific CPU affinity set  (i.e. pin JVM0 process to CPU 0, JVM1 process to CPU1, ...., JVM7process to CPU 7) vs. just letting the Linux OS use its default mechanism for provisioning the 8xJVM process set to the available CPUs?
  2. In effrort to seek an optimal point (in the full event space), what are the conceptual trade-offs in considering "searching" each permutation of provisioning an 8xJVM process set to an 8xCPU set via taskset?

Given taskset is they key to the question, it would help to have a definition:

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