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This is a guest post by Jamie Hall, Co-founder & CTO of MocoSpace, describing the architecture for their mobile social network. This is a timely architecture to learn from as it combines several hot trends: it is very large, mobile, and social. What they think is especially cool about their system is: how it optimizes for device/browser fragmentation on the mobile Web; their multi-tiered, read/write, local/distributed caching system; selecting PostgreSQL over MySQL as a relational DB that can scale.

MocoSpace is a mobile social network, with 12 million members and 3 billion page views a month, which makes it one of the most highly trafficked mobile Websites in the US. Members access the site mainly from their mobile phone Web browser, ranging from high end smartphones to lower end devices, as well as the Web. Activities on the site include customizing profiles, chat, instant messaging, music, sharing photos & videos, games, eCards and blogs. The monetization strategy is focused on advertising, on both the mobile and Websites, as well as a virtual currency system and a handful of premium feature upgrades.


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