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Write a little "Hello World" program these days and it runs inside a bewildering Russian Doll of nested environments, each layer adding its own special performance and complexity tax. First, a language executes in its own environment of data structure libraries, memory management, and so on. That, more often than not, will run inside a language VM like the JVM, CLR, or V8. The language VM will in-turn run inside a process that runs inside an OS. An application will run in one or more threads inside a process. And the whole thing will run inside a machine sharing VM layer like Xen. And across all of that are frameworks for monitoring, elasticity, storage, and so on. That's a lot of overhead for a such a little program.

What if we could remove all these taxes and run directly on the new bare metal, which some consider to be a combination of Machine VM + Cloud API? That's exactly what a system called Mirage, described in the paper Turning down the LAMP: Software Specialisation for the Cloud, sets out to do by treating the cloud virtual hardware as a compiler target, and converting high-level language source code directly into kernels that run on it.

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