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Finding an excellent LAMP developer


I have this idea to start a really great and scalable website, and I am building it! So far I'm doing everything myself - coding, networking, architecture planning, everything. I haven't even gotten into the legal aspects yet.......

It would be MUCH easier if I had a technical person to handle that end of the operation. I'm a good coder, but like Bill Gates at Harvard for Math, I'm not the very best. I'd like to FIND that very best person available, to handle the technical aspects. For worse or better, I don't presently know somebody who fits this bill.

I've posted a bazillion ads on Craig's List, with no really qualified responses. I've put out feelers among my own network, same result. Not sure what else I can do. Shoestring budget, so it's sweat equity in the beginning. That can actually be a plus, as it forces people to focus.

Any ideas about what else I can do, to attract the right person?


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Good luck with the sweat equity approach. It's the reason you can't find anyone. As you've already discovered, computer programming is not easy. Personally, I won't be busting my hump for free. It's easy to get well-paying gigs, and those are stressful enough as it is. If someone is any good, chances are a) they're already employed, and b) they already have a few other offers for paid work if their time ever frees up. Only way people work for free - it's their own idea (like you). So, maybe you have a shot if you find someone who has the same/similar idea, or is really passionate about it.

November 29, 1990 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

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