Paper: Lightweight Web servers
Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at 12:23AM
Todd Hoff in Light Weight Web Server, Paper, Strategy, Web Server, lighttpd

This paper is a great overview of different lightweight web servers. A lot of websites use lightweight web servers to serve images and static content. YouTube is one example: YouTube Architecture.

So if you need to improve performance consider changing over a different web server for some types of content.


Recent years have enjoyed a florescence of interesting implementations of Web servers, including lighttpd, litespeed, and mongrel, among others. These Web servers boast different combinations of performance, ease of administration, portability, security, and related values. The following engineering study surveys the field of lightweight Web servers to help you find one likely to meet the technical requirements of your next project.

"Lightweight" Web servers like lighttpd, litespeed, and mongrel can offer dramatic benefits for your projects. This article surveys the possibilities and shows how they apply to you.

Important dimensions for evaluation of a Web server include:

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