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2 tier switch selection for colocation

Hi, I am interested in some experienced advice for choosing switches for a colocated 2-tier architecture. I have the hardware chosen for the webservers, app servers, and db servers, but need some advice on the network switch in between:

colocation port -> firewall(load balancer) -> 2+ web servers (app servers) -> gigabit switch -> DB server(possibly cluster for future expansion)

the question is that I am just starting out, i wonder which rackmount gigabit switch to select for the private LAN between the app server -> DB servers. Do I need managed for that? Cisco switches are the best, but they are the most expensive...I am looking at possibly using Dell/Netgear gigabit switches.

Thanks for any input

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According to the Pingdom http://royal.pingdom.com/?p=95">survery people seem to use Cisco, HP, and Foundry. If they are worth the extra price I don't know. Who will be managing the equipment and what do they have experience with? If you plan on making use of your data center's services, what do they use? Finding people might outweigh initial costs over time.

November 29, 1990 | Unregistered CommenterTodd Hoff

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