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Scaling Out MySQL

This post covers two main options for scaling-out MySql and compare between them. The first is based on data-base clustering and the second is based on In Memory clustering a.k.a Data Grid. A special emphasis is given to a pattern which shows how to scale our existing data base without changing it through a combination of Data Grid and data base as a background service. This pattern is referred to as Persistency as a Service (PaaS). It also address many of the fequently asked question related to how performance, reliability and scalability is achieved with this pattern.

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Excellent article Nati. It fits nicely with the whole "memory is the new disk" meme. I love how you tackled objections head on in a very organized and clear manner. While reading I was wondering about a few things...

Is it possible to use the database in parallel with the grid? It would seem that changes made directly to the database wouldn't be reflected in the in memory versions and it would sidestep your transactions.

Do you have any customers not use a database? The database seems pretty useless at this point.

And how would you compare yourself with a queue based architectures? Storing work in queues and scaling up processing nodes is a pretty simple and robust architecture.

November 29, 1990 | Unregistered CommenterTodd Hoff

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