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kngine 'Knowledge Engine' milestone 2

Kngine is Knowledge Web search engine designed to provide meaningful search results, such as: semantic information about the keywords/concepts, answer the user’s questions, discover the relations between the keywords/concepts, and link the different kind of data together, such as: Movies, Subtitles, Photos, Price at sale store, User reviews, and Influenced story


Kngine long-term goal is to make all human beings systematic knowledge and experience accessible to everyone. I aim to collect and organize all objective data, and make it possible and easy to access. Our goal is to build on the advances of Web search engine, semantic web, data representation technologies a new form of Web search engine that will unleash a revolution of new possibilities.

Kngine tries to combine the power of Web search engines with the power of Semantic search and the data representation to provide meaningful search results compromising user needs.


Kngine starts as a research project in October 2008. Over times, I succeeded to collect, represent, and index a lot of human binges systematic knowledge but it is just the start. As of now, Kngine contains 500+ million of pieces of data, for 4,000+ domains. Kngine knowledge base and capabilities already span a great number of domains, such as:

  • 60,000+ Companies
  • 700,000+ Movie
  • 750,000+ Person
  • 400,000+ Location
  • 115,000+ Book
  • About 5,000,000 concepts.


Kngine, as it exists today, is just the beginning. I have both short- and long-term plans to dramatically expand all aspects of Kngine, qualities, broadening and deepening our data, and more.

I just released Kngine Milestone 2 (Our first public release), soon a preview of section called ‘Labs’ that will include a set of new research and technologies to access the knowledge will be presented.

Milestone 2

Milestone 2 is the firsts public release. This release include some useful features that help the users to reach what they want directly, such as:

  • Smart Information
  • Answer your questions
  • Link the data, and view direct data

for more information about milestone 2 Go there.

Check this out:

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Reader Comments (2)

There is clearly a great utility in having access to such huge amounts of structured data.

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November 29, 1990 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

"At Cazoodle, we are witnessing huge impact from our structured data driven vertical search for apartment rentals"

Care to explain what you mean? or is this just spam?

November 29, 1990 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

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