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SSL RPC API Scalability

Hi all!

So nice to start discussing cool things in this even cooler forum :)

I am having a problem .. which i believe is already solved but i would love someone confirming actual experience with the same topic.

We are building a client / server architecture, consisting of a web server part and many clients.
Transport will be provided as either XML-RPC / SOAP / JSON or all at once.
All of the communication has to be encrypted and passed within SSL3.

We expect a high load when the application starts (> 2000 concurrent requests).
Combine this with xml parsing for the rpc api, things really look ugly :)
So it's a big mess :)

It will not be that much database bound behind the api - mostly files will be transferred from the server to the clients and simple api for control.

So it's pretty much a matter of 'what-to-do-with-ssl'.

I was thinking of hardware - NetApp or a similar application accelerator.
Can anyone give examples of a hardware piece that combines: Load balancer / SSL accelerator?

I have also been reading about open source software Load Balancers but i really doubt it would meet the needs. Anyone having the same experience (or had) ? :)

Thanks, all!

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