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Servers Component - How to choice and build perfect server

There are a lot of questions about how the server components, and how to build perfect server with consider the power consumption. Today I will discuss the Server components, and how we can choice better server components with consider the power consumption, efficacy, performance, and price.

Key points:

  • What kind of components the servers needs?
  • The Green Computing and the Servers components
  • How much power the server consume
  • Choice the right components:
    • Processor
    • Hard Disk Drive
    • Memory
    • Operating system
  • Build Server, or buy?

Reader Comments (2)

I always learn so many things from this blog, thank you for sharing :) but I need the answer of another question: How I can make a Server Backup?

November 29, 1990 | Unregistered CommenterGabriel Celibataire

Article was decent, thanks for posting to it HFadeel. The author did not mention anything about refurbished hardware. Usually 2-3 months after the newest generation is released to the public you can purchase refurb hardware from companies such as Dell, HP, Sun, and IBM. We started doing that at our datacenter last year after all the layoffs to save money, just bought refurb HP G5's. And about a month ago we ordered a few G6's. The hardware always runs as it would brand new and is certified (plus warranty!) by those companies. The only downfall is if you care about cosmetics, generally the refurbs have general wear and tear of being shipped several times, some scratches, rub marks, and sometimes a front bevel might be bent a little; works nonetheless.

November 29, 1990 | Unregistered CommenterEric

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