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The technology behind Tornado, FriendFeed's web server

Today, we are open sourcing the non-blocking web server and the tools that power FriendFeed under the name Tornado Web Server. We are really excited to open source this project as a part of Facebook's open source initiative, and we hope it will be useful to others building real-time web services.

You can download Tornado at

Read more on Brett Taylor's blog (co-founder of FriendFeed)

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Over the weekend, my coworker,">Dustin Sallings, re-implemented some of the lower-level bits of Tornado, using Twisted, which is his favorite, well-tested asynchronous Python infrastructure library. The upshot is you can use Tornado's higher-level web-oriented API's, but still leverage the benefits of Twisted.

See">Tornado on Twisted

November 29, 1990 | Unregistered CommenterSteve Yen

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