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Space Based Programming in .NET

Space-based architectures are an alternative to the traditional n-tier model for enterprise applications. Instead of a vertical tier partitioning, space based applications are partitioned horizontally into self-sufficient units. This leads to almost linear scalability of stateful, high-performance applications.

This is a recording of a talk I did last month where I introduce space based programming and demonstrate how that works in practice on the .NET platform using Oracle Coherence and GigaSpaces.

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Gojko great presentation. I really liked the analogies in your presentation it makes it very easy to understand what Spaces Based Architecture means.

I did wanted to mention that we just came up with a new .Net version that include support for .Net service executors. With that you can write a remote .Net service and route the invocation to that service based on the method arguments and the data that the services instance manages. Space Based Architecture becomes an incrementation details and not a new programming model. You application code looks like any regular Client/Server. All the work of parsing the call and route it to the appropriate instance is done behind the scenes. See more details">here

November 29, 1990 | Unregistered Commenternatis

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