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100 Node Hazelcast cluster on Amazon EC2

Deploying, running and monitoring application on a big cluster is a challenging task. Recently Hazelcast team deployed a demo application on Amazon EC2 platform to show how Hazelcast p2p cluster scales and screen recorded the entire process from deployment to monitoring.

Hazelcast is open source (Apache License), transactional, distributed caching solution for Java. It is a little more than a cache though as it provides distributed implementation of map, multimap, queue, topic, lock and executor service. 

Details of running 100 node Hazelcast cluster on Amazon EC2 can be found here. Make sure to watch the screencast!

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I am seeing issues with clustering if I Just disable network connectivity but doesn't bring the node down.

To give more details about implementation:
I use a distributed lock so that only application instance is running at any point of time, Now if i disable network connectivity of first node, second instance which is supposed to accquire lock is still waiting to accquire lock.

August 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNaresh

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