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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For January 14, 2011

 Submitted for your reading pleasure...

  • On the new year Twitter set a record with 6,939 Tweets Per Second (TPS). Cool video visualizing New Year's Eve Tweet data across the world. 
  • Marko Rodriguez in Memoirs of a Graph Addict: Despair to Redemption tells a stirring tale of how graph programming saved the world from certain destruction by realizing Aritstotle's dream of an eudaimonia-driven society. Could a relational database do that? The tools of the revolution can be found at tinkerprop.com, which describes a databases agnostic stack for working with property graphs, they include Blueprints - a property graph model interface; Pipes - a dataflow netowork using process grapphs; Gremlin - a graph based programming language; Rexster - a RESTful graph shell.
  • The never never ending battle of good versus evil has nothing on programmers arguing about bracket policies or sync vs async programming models. In this node.js thread, I love async, but I can't code like this, the battle continues. In the end programmers desire async, but leave the bar with sync.
  • Quotable Quotes
    • @AmyDeLong: Walked into a starbucks and overheard 3 separate discussions all on scalability. #firstworldproblems #onlyinsf
    • @chvest: You may not need "high" scalability, but you should still consider your growth rates and prepare.
    • @startthesignal: I'm looking for opinionated, angry, scalability experts for a panel session at the next #SMAQDown in Sydney http://j.mp/hlVAuL - pass it on
    • @hardwyrd: scale, scaling, scalable?, scalability, aspects of scalability?... in other words.. EH ?? ( add a blank facial expression - not mine :D )
  • NoSQL Tapes - A filmed compilation of interviews, explanations, and case studies. A wonderful curated list of resources done with a little style.
  • Distributed Caching Platforms by Anil Nori from the VLDB2010. Good general coverage of caching topics with an emphasis on Microsoft's AppFabric Caching. Talks about: What  is "Distributed Caching?; Distributed Cache Usage; Types of Application Data; The Facebook Scenario; Extreme Transaction Processing. And a lot more...
  • Cassandra vs MongoDB vs CouchDB vs Redis vs Riak vs HBase comparison. Kristóf Kovács with a short reasoned comparison of the uncomparable.
  • Replication Under Scalable Hashing: A Family of Algorithms for Scalable Decentralized Data Distribution by R. J. Honicky and Ethan L. Miller. RUSH algorithms distribute objects to servers according to user-specified server weighting; redistribute as few objects as possible when new servers are added or existing servers are removed;  guarantee that no two replicas of a particular object are ever placed on the same server; no central directory, clients can compute data locations in parallel, allowing thousands of clients to access objects on thousands of servers simultaneously.
  • How can we program these huge multi-core computers? Dmitriy Vyukov has started a new blog, 1024cores, to guide the way. It is devoted to lock-free, wait-free and just scalable synchronization algorithms, multicore, concurrency, parallel computations, scalability-oriented architecture, patterns and anti-patterns, threading technologies and libraries and related topics.
  • Murat Demirbas with another good explanation of a complex topic: Finding a Needle in Haystack: Facebook's Photo Storage
  • Interesting thread in the Cloud Computing group of the The Economist's "Tanks in the cloud" article where it says Computing services are both bigger and smaller than assumed.
  • The Fallacies of Distributed Computing Reborn: The Cloud Era. The Fallacies of Distributed Computing are even more important to consider when building web applications in the cloud.
  • Getting out of the Trough of Desilusion Will cloud computing be adopted massively in 2011? Part 1. We see right now , in spite of AWS success, in spite of market sizes of up to $160B per year in size coming from analyst reports, the Data Center strategists simply ignore Cloud Computing.
  • My Understanding of the TeleHash Protocol by quartzjer. TeleHash is a peer-to-peer protocol to create one always-on Distributed Hash Table (DHT) between all online TeleHash switches worldwide. We have to start thinking about how we'll link everything together.
  • Scalability links for January 13th by Royans. 

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Ah, I wonder what the cover sheet looks like for the TPS report....

January 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEllisGL

another great set of links.. thanks!

January 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBen

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