Packet Pushers: How to Build a Low Cost Data Center
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 9:12AM
Todd Hoff in datacenter

The main thrust of the Packet Pushers Show 41 episode was to reveal and ruminate over the horrors of a successful attack on RSA, which puts the whole world security complex at risk. Near the end, at about 46 minutes in, there was an excellent section on how to go about building out a low cost datacenter.

Who cares? Well, someone emailed me this exact same question awhile back and I had a pretty useless response. So here's making up for that by summarizing the recommendations from the elite Packet Pushers cabal:


Interesting stuff and a lot of useful tips. Hopefully my karmic balance has been restored.

Please listen to the podcast for the full effect and the disturbing implications of the RSA hack.

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