Building your own Facebook Realtime Analytics System  
Monday, July 18, 2011 at 9:02AM
Nati Shalom in Facebook, Scalability, analytics, analytics large database real time, big-data, data-grid, gigaspaces, nosql

Recently, I was reading Todd Hoff's write-up on FaceBook real time analytics system. As usual, Todd did an excellent job in summarizing this video from Engineering Manager at Facebook Alex Himel.

In the first post, I’d like to summarize the case study, and consider some things that weren't mentioned in the summaries. This will lead to an architecture for building your own Realtime Time Analytics for Big-Data that might be easier to implement, using Facebook's experience as a starting point and guide as well as the experience gathered through a recent work with few of GigaSpaces customers. The second post provide a summary of that new approach as well as a pattern and a demo for building your own Real Time Analytics system..



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