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Gone Fishin' Two

Well, not exactly Fishin', I'll be on vacation starting today and I'll be back late November. I won't be posting anything new, so we'll all have a break. Disappointing, I know, but fear not, I will be posting some oldies for your re-enjoyment.

And If you've ever wanted to write an article for HighScalability, this would be a great time :-) I especially need help on writing Stuff the Internet Says on Scalability as I will be reading the Interwebs on a much reduced schedule. Shock! Horror! So if the spirit moves you, please write something.

My connectivity in Italy will probably be good, so I will check in and approve articles on a regular basis. Ciao...

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see you in Italy! which cities are you going to visit?

October 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMatteo Galli

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