Pinterest Cut Costs from $54 to $20 Per Hour by Automatically Shutting Down Systems
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 9:30AM
Todd Hoff in Strategy

We've long known one of the virtues of the cloud is, through the magic of services and automation, that systems can be shut or tuned down when not in use. What may be surprising is how much money can be saved. 

This aspect of cloudiness got a lot of pub at AWS re:Invent and is being rebranded under the term Cost-Aware Architecture. An interesting example was given by Ryan Park, Pinterest’s technical operations lead:

We are in very early days of Adaptive Architectures. What is being managed are relatively large resource abstractions running on relatively large scale computer abstractions. Yet it's a start. More at Cloud Programming Directly Feeds Cost Allocation Back Into Software Design.

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