The Clever Ways Chrome Hides Latency by Anticipating Your Every Need
Monday, June 18, 2012 at 9:15AM
Todd Hoff in Strategy

Ilya Grigorik has written another wonderful article lavishly detailing the extraordinary tactics Chrome employs to hide network latency from users: Chrome Networking: DNS Prefetch & TCP Preconnect. Ilya springs some surpising factoids on us, revealing how the web has slowed and super sized:

Chrome reduces apparent latency using a host of clever anticipatory mechanisms:

These obviously sophisticated tactics may not apply directly to your application, but similar opportunities to hide latency could be hiding in your app. As Ilya says, "Small wins, but it all adds up!"

For more examples of good anticipatory design take a look at: 3 Secrets To Lightning Fast Mobile Design At Instagram.

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