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Strategy: Using Lots of RAM Often Cheaper than Using a Hadoop Cluster

Solving problems while saving money is always a problem. In Nobody ever got fired for using Hadoop on a cluster they give some counter-intuitive advice by showing a big-memory server may  provide better performance per dollar than a cluster:

  1. For jobs where the input data is multi-terabyte or larger a Hadoop cluster is the right solution.
  2. For smaller problems memory has reached a GB/$ ratio where it is technically and financially feasible to use a single server with 100s of GB of DRAM rather than a cluster. Given the majority of analytics jobs do not process huge data sets, a cluster doesn't need to be your first option. Scaling up RAM saves on programmer time, reduces programmer effort, improved accuracy, and reduces hardware costs.


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Interesting perspective when it comes to watching your spend. I would ask what would happen when that server fails? I'm not sure that using a single server allows you to fail gracefully.

May 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDave Berardi

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