Reddit: Lessons Learned from Mistakes Made Scaling to 1 Billion Pageviews a Month
Monday, August 26, 2013 at 8:44AM
Todd Hoff in architecture

Jeremy Edberg, the first paid employee at reddit, teaches us a lot about how to create a successful social site in a really good talk he gave at the RAMP conference. Watch it here at Scaling Reddit from 1 Million to 1 Billion–Pitfalls and Lessons.

Jeremy uses a virtue and sin approach. Examples of the mistakes made in scaling reddit are shared and it turns out they did a lot of good stuff too. Somewhat of a shocker is that Jeremy is now a Reliability Architect at Netflix, so we get a little Netflix perspective thrown in for free.

Some of the lessons that stood out most for me: 

There's lots more. Here's my gloss of the talk where we learn many lessons from the mistakes made in the early days of scaling reddit:


Origin Story






How does reddit make money?


Lessons Learned

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