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Let's Play a Game of Take It or Leave It - Game 1

The way this game is played is you read a few statements on some hot topics below. If you agree with a statement then you “take it”; if you disagree then you “leave it.” And if you are so moved please write a convincing comment as to why. Got it?

  1. Snowden vs. the State. Snowden represents true the spirit of freedom and is not a threat to all we hold dear.

  2. Walled Garden vs. Federated Freedom. The Walled Garden has won the last decade. The cycle of life will return the balance and federated services will once again win the day.

  3. Mobile + messaging vs. Le Web. Mobile + messaging is eating search and the web, changing the way things are found, discovered, and bought.

  4. Fiat vs. Cryptocurrency. BitCoin has had its 400 million dollars of fame, it’s on the way out, a tulip gone out of bloom.

  5. True Detective vs. The Field. True Detective is the best show on TV, ever. Wired and Breaking Bad need not apply.

Reader Comments (3)

Leave Snowden. He's a traitor.

Leave Federated Freedom. This is the age of money and money always wins. The Internet developed when money wasn't the issue. Now it is.

Take Mobile + messaging. Mobile is where the people are and where the people are is where the party is.

Leave Cryptocurrency. It's like a libertarian MMORPG.

Leave TrueDetective. Season 3 of wired was the beast TV ever produced.

March 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterI am not a number

Seriously, "Wired"? If you can't even remember the name of the show, you're not qualified to put forward your ranking.

Take True Detective. And also take The Wire & Breaking Bad, cause it just doesn't make sense to leave any of them. :)

March 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJasper A. Visser

Take Snowden, those who sacrifice freedom for security lose both freedom and security. And since 9/11 ,this seems the path taken and it is good that a few smart people, at the expense of almost their life have tried to force the driver to press the brake.

I'd love to see federated freedom pull ahead again, but money is strong and as long as a company can become big and powerful inside a walled garden, there is no incentive for cooperation.

Mobile + messaging are not a threat for the web, we are just back to square one on some fronts of the internet (as connectivity)... but as mobiles become more powerful, the pull towards openness will restart. Companies like facebook or twitter have made their day using walls against google and search, but those micro-internets will not hold the whole of it, no matter how many companies they buy.

Bitcoin is inherently deflatiatory (is this the right word?), this makes it a good investment and thus hinders is true purpose as a simple exchange currency. It won't vanish but new criptocurrencies will come with improvements over the bitcoin protocol. Some people will play the casino with them, to the rest of humanity, they will become a decentralized Paypal (or money transfer system) and as such offer more choice and freedom which people tend to like.

True Detective is one hell of a show. That's for sure. The best on TV now? darn right you are.

March 11, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJDR

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