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This. Just. This.

In response to an honest comment about some of Instagram's rather "ordinary engineering choices", mikeyk (Co-founder @ Instagram) had what I consider the perfect response
We (at IG) aren't claiming to be doing revolutionary things on infrastructure--but one thing I found super valuable when scaling Instagram in the early days was having access to stories from other companies on how they've scaled. That's the spirit in which I encourage our engineers to blog about our DB scaling, our search infra, etc--I think the more open we are (as a company, but more broadly as an industry) about technical approaches + solutions, the better off we'll be.
This could be the anthem for HS and is a key reason our industry continues to get better. And in case you are interested, here are just a few of those stories from Instagram:

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I couldn't agree more. Two years ago I was asked to stabilize a system that was rather core to our business, running on a cluster of 8 machines. It was somewhat archaic (written for java 1.4), and had several "interesting" design features, but it was actually working really well. This was my first time working on a system of this nature, and I felt slightly overwhelmed, but in many ways highscalability.com and all the websites and articles I found through it helped me along. This system has now been running very stable for a year - the only downtime being due to things outside of the system itself, with a new and much improved version currently being tested. So great anthem. Thank you!

August 3, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterCharl

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