Open Source Database HA Resources from Severalnines
Friday, June 8, 2018 at 12:46PM
Forrest Lymburner in Clustering, MongoDB, clustercontrol, mysql, postgresql, severalnines


Severalnines has spent the last several years writing blogs and crafting content to help make your open source database solutions highly available. We are fans of and wanted to post some links to our top resources to help readers learn more how to make MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Percona and PostgreSQL databases scalable.

Top HA Resources for MySQL & MariaDB

Top HA Resources for MongoDB

In addition make sure to check out our two MongoDB whitepapers Become a MongoDB DBA: Bringing MongoDB to Production and MongoDB Management and Automation with ClusterControl

Top HA Resources for PostgreSQL


In addition make sure to look for our new whitepaper “PostgreSQL Management and Automation with ClusterControl” coming out next week!

Top HA Resources for DevOps

At Severalnines we believe in giving back to the open source community by using our expertise to craft great content that you can use to help you with your database environments.  We are also always looking for guest writers for our blog, if you are interested just contact us on Facebook or our website.

For those just starting out make sure to check out our Free Whitepaper: How to Design Highly Available Open Source Database Environments

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