4 New Podcasts for Scalable Summertime Reading

It's trendy today to say "I don't read blogs anymore, I just  let the  random chance of my social network guide me to new and interesting  content." #fail. While someone says this I imagine them flicking their  hair back in a "I can't be bothered with true understanding" disdain. And  where does random chance get its content? From people like these. So: support your local blog!

If you would like to be a part of random chance, here are a few new podcasts/blogs/vidcasts that you may not know about and that I've found interesting:

  • DevOps Cafe. With this new video series where John and Damon visit high  performing companies and record an insider's tour of the tools and  processes those companies are using to solve their DevOps problems, DevOps is a profession that finally seems to be realizing their own value. In the first episode John Paul Ramirez takes the crew on a tour of Shopzilla's application lifecycle metrics and dashboard. The second episode feature John Allspaw, VP of Technical Operations at Etsy, talking about the new role of DevOps in companies. Only more good stuff from there.
  • Packet Pushers. A great podcast by real experts on seriously technical networking issues. They describe their podcast as: a podcast where we talk about routing, switching, security, firewalls, study and market changes. Some topics  covered: “Defense in Depth” and what it really means; Deep Diving on Data Centre Switching; Chewing on DDOS; Enterprise MPLS; Career Progression.
  • Web Pulp TV. Interviews about the guts of the Internet. Past interviewees were SimpleGeo's Joe Stump, OmniTI's Theo Schlossnagle, Hummingbird's Michael Nutt, and Github's Tom Preston-Werner.
  • Security Now. OK, it's hard to say anything Leo Laporte does is new or obscure, but this regular show with Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware, usually targets some interesting security topic in-depth. Lots to learn. Did you know SSL isn't all that secure? Neither did I until I listened in befuddled amazement as to why.

If you know of anymore podcasts/blogs/vidcasts we should be allocating our scarce attention packets to, please just add them in the comments.

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