Deploying MySQL Database in Solaris Cluster Environments

MySQL™ database, an open source database, delivers high performance and reliability while keeping costs low by eliminating licensing fees. The Solaris™ Cluster product is an integrated hardware and software environment that can be used to create highly-available data services. This article explains how to deploy the MySQL database in a Solaris Cluster environment. The article addresses the following topics:

   * "Advantages of Deploying MySQL Database with Solaris Cluster" on page 1 discusses the benefits provided by a Solaris Cluster deployment of the MySQL database.
   * "Overview of Solaris Cluster" on page 2 provides a high-level description of the hardware and software components of the Solaris Cluster.
   * "Installation and Configuration" on page 8 explains the procedure for deploying the MySQL database on a Solaris Cluster.

This article assumes that readers have a basic understanding of Solaris Cluster and MySQL database installation and administration.