Enterprise Architecture Conference by - John Zachman. Johannesburg (25th March) , Cape Town (27Th March) Dubai (23rd March)

Why You Need To Attend THIS CONFERENCE
• Understand the multi-dimensional view of business-technology alignment
• A sense of urgency for aggressively pursuing Enterprise Architecture
• A "language" (ie., a Framework) for improving enterprise communications about architecture issues
• An understanding of the cultural changes implied by process evolution. How to effectively use the framework to anchor processes and procedures for delivering service and support for applications
• An understanding of basic Enterprise physics
• Recommendations for the Sr. Managers to understand the political realities and organizational resistance in realizing EA vision and some excellent advices for overcoming these barriers
• Number of practical examples of how to work with people who affect decisions on EA implementation
• How to create value for your organization by systematically recording assets, processes, connectivity, people, timing and motivation, through a simple framework

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