Event: CloudCamp Silicon Valley Unconference on 30th September

CloudCamp is an interesting unconference where early adapters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas. With the rapid change occurring in the industry, we need a place we can meet to share our experiences, challenges and solutions. At CloudCamp, you are encouraged you to share your thoughts in several open discussions, as we strive for the advancement of Cloud Computing. End users, IT professionals and vendors are all encouraged to participate.

CloudCamp Silicon Valley 08 is scheduled for Tuesday, September 30, 2008 from 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM in Sun Microsystems' EBC Briefing Center
15 Network Circle
Menlo Park, CA 94025

CloudCamp follows an interactive, unscripted unconference format. You can propose your own session or you can attend a session proposed by someone else. Either way, you are encouraged to engage in the discussion and “Vote with your feet”, which means … “find another session if you don’t find the session helpful”. Pick and choose from the conversations; rant and rave, or sit back and watch.

At CloudCamp, we tend to discuss the following topics:

* Infrastructure as a service (Joyent, Amazon Ec2, Nirvanix, etc)
* Platform as a service (BungeeLabs, AppEngine, etc)
* Software as a service (salesforce.com)
* Application / Data / Storage (development in the cloud)