Habits of Highly Scalable Web Applications

Nick Belhomme wrote up a excellent summary of a talk given by Eli White on building scalable web applications. Eli worked at digg.com and is now the PHP Community Manager & DevZone Editor-in-Chief at Zend Technologies. Eli takes us on a grand tour through various proven scaling strategies. On the trip you'll visit:

  • What is scalable application design
  • Tip 1: load balancing the webserver
  • Tip 2: scaling from a single DB server to a Master-Slave setup
  • Tip 3: Partitioning, Vertical DB Scaling
  • Tip 4: Partitioning, horizontal DB Scaling
  • Tip 5: Application Level Partitioning
  • Tip 6: Caching to get around your database
  • Resources