Hot Links for 2009-8-26

  • I'm Going To Scale My Foot Up Your Ass - Shut up about scalability, no one is using your app anyway.
  • Multi-Tenant Data Architecture - Microsoft's take on different approaches to multitenancy.
  • Cloud computing rides on spiraling Energy costs - A report by US researchers has shown the increasing cost of power and cooling in the data centre is a driver towards cloud computing.
  • Interview: Apple’s Gigantic New Data Center Hints at Cloud Computing - Companies building centers this big are getting into cloud computing. Running apps in the cloud requires massive infrastructure: Google-size infrastructure.
  • What Does Cloud Computing Actually Cost? An Analysis of the Top Vendors - Amazon is currently the lowest cost cloud computing option overall. At least for production applications that need more than 6.5 hours of CPU/day, otherwise GAE is technically cheaper because it's free until this usage level.
  • no:sql(east) - October 28–30, 2009, Atlanta, GA. Very cute page playing off of SQL syntax.

    New Products and Updates

  • Gear6 Web Cache Virtual Appliance - a feature complete virtual machine (VM) of the Gear6 Web Cache software. It includes all the functionality of the Gear6 Web Cache including simulating Gear6 high density RAM-flash architecture.
  • Seamlessly Extending the Data Center - Introducing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) - We have developed Amazon VPC to allow our customers to seamlessly extend their IT infrastructure into the cloud while maintaining the levels of isolation required for their enterprise management tools to do their work.
  • NetApp reveals cloud computing plan, new Data OnTap OS - Our research shows users are very interested in scale-out technology," she said. "What's nice about it is as you add processor and storage resources, you get much higher storage utilization rates and the new scale-out system grows up to 14 petabytes, but it can still be managed in a single array.
  • The Big Cheese: Powerful Version Of Google Search Appliance Can Grow Exponentially.

    Updates to Articles on High Scalability

  • Streamy Explains CAP and HBase's Approach to CAP - We plan to employ inter-cluster replication, with each cluster located in a single DC. Remote replication will introduce some eventual consistency into the system, but each cluster will continue to be strongly consistent. Updated: How Google Serves Data from Multiple Datacenters.

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