Hot Scalability Links for April 8, 2010

  1. Scalability porn (SFW). Real time meter for the number of ads being served by doubleclick. Amazing. A constant ~390,000 impressions a second are being served and  25 trillion since 1996.  Thanks to Mike Rhoads for title idea.
  2. Scalability? Don't worry. Application complexity? Worry by Joe McKendrick. The next challenge on enterprise agendas: application complexity. This is something that lots of hardware — whether from the cloud or internal data center — cannot fix
  3. Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson talked about how the iPad was a denial of service attack on UPS delivery schedules. UPS trucks were filled with iPads.
  4. Cassandra: Fact vs fiction. Jonathan Ellies puts the beatdown on Cassandra misinformation. Don't you dare say Cassandra can't work across datacenters!
  5. JIT'd code calling conventions. Cliff Click Jr shows how Java’s calling convention can match compiled C code in speed, but allows for the flexibility of calling (code,slow) non-JIT'd code. Some assembly code required.
  6. Stonebraker   on CAP Theorem and Databases. James Hamilton: Don’t throw full  consistency out  too early. For many applications, it is both  affordable and helps reduce  application implementation errors.
  7. Lessons learned developing a practical large scale machine learning system by Simon Tong, Google Research. Keep it simple (even at the expense of a little accuracy); Start with a few specific applications in mind; Know when to say “no”.
  8. Cloud Computing's RAIC? What's that? by Mark Masterson. Redundant Arrays of Independent Cloud computing providers - keep multiple, redundant copies of all data with multiple cloud providers.
  9. Database in cloud – Amazon RDS or MySQL on ebs? by Vaibhav Puranik. The 4 hour weekly downtime was their the biggest problem with RDS.
  10. Notes on the evolution of OLTP database management systems by Curt Monash. The emphasis on scale-out and reducing the cost of joins spans the NoSQL and SQL-based worlds. Users’ instance on “free” could be a major problem for OLTP DBMS innovation.
  11. Scaling your Website with Memcached, discussion with Northscale cofounder by Robert Scoble.
  12. The New DevOps Designers: Cloud and The Big Rethink by James Urquhart. Applications don’t need machines. They don’t need operating systems. But they do need new operations designs.
  13. On Distributed Consistency - Part 2 - Some Eventual Consistency Forms by Dwight from MongoDB.
  14. IMVU Memcached Usage at 150k Requests per Second per Node by Jon W. This particular memcached is running an ancient version of Debian on a three year old dual-Xeon 1U box, and it is using TCP.
  15. The biggest cloud on the planet is owned by ... the crooks By Robert Mullins. The biggest cloud on the planet, the network of computers controlled by the Conficker  computer worm. Conficker controls 6.4 million computer systems at 230 top level domains globally, more than 18 million CPUs and 28 terabits per second of bandwidth.
  16. The Graph Traversal Pattern by Marko  A. Rodriguez,  Peter  Neubauer. With the growth of graph/network-based data and the need to efficiently process such data, new data management systems have been developed. In contrast to the index-intensive, set-theoretic operations of relational databases, graph databases make use of index-free, local traversals. This article discusses the graph traversal pattern and its use in computing.

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