Hot Scalability Links for February 12, 2010

Product Announcements

  • Lucandra: A Cassandra-based Lucene backend. Aims at using Cassandra to make a easier to deploy and maintain backend for Lucene.
  • App Engine SDK 1.3.1, Including Major Improvements to Datastore!. A product often defined more by it's limits, GAE has just got a lot easier to use. GAE now has cursors and the 1000 item return limit has gone. While a much easier programming model it will be curious to see how this impacts scalability and resource usage. One of the canonical ideas of GAE has been to do work on writes to make reads fast, now programmers will be tempted to do more work on reads which will probably be slower and cost a lot more. Another addition is the automatic retries of datastore operations. Users should never have to retry, as only the lower layers know enough if a retry is necessary, so this makes a life a lot easier and will remove a ton of dead code from programs.
  • Gear6 Memcached Service for the Cloud Now Available on GoGrid. An on-demand service allows GoGrid customers to take advantage of Gear6’s robust, commercial-grade Memcached offering to speed up, scale out and ensure uptime for their web services and applications.