Kngine Snippet Search New Indexing Technology

While Kngine just announce some improvement and new features, I would like you take you in small trip in Snippet Search research project at Kngine.

What is Kngine?

Kngine is startup company working in Searching technologies, We in Kngine aims to organize the human beings Systematic Knowledge and Experiences and make it accessible to everyone. We aim to collect and organize all objective data, and make it possible and easy to access. Our goal is to build Web 3.0 Web Search Engine on the advances of Web Search Engine, Semantic Web, Data Representation technologies a new form of Web Search Engine that will unleash a revolution of new possibilities.

Introduction to Snippet Search

Today, The Web Search Engine’s is the Web getaway, especially to get specific information. But unfortunately the search engines didn’t changed mush as the Web changed from 90’s.

Since the 90’s the Web search engine still provide the same kind of results: Links to documents. We in Kngine think that it’s the time to rethink about the results contents; because a lot of times we need summary, structured information, list of things, or direct answer.

Snippet Search

Snippet Search research started in September 2009. Snippet Search is new indexing technology aims to provides more relevant search results (short-term) and answer the abstract questions (long term) that can't handled by the Question Answering Engines.

Snippet Search aims to change the Web results that we are familiar with. But what is the problem with the current Web results?

Today when you search about something, you will get list of documents links with small description. But if you focus on the description that appear bellow the document title, you will found that it not related to what you looking for, and even if it’s related it’s not completed, which means that you will still need to open more pages and search about what you looking for (i.e. Pore through the results).

Snippet Search results will consist of collection of rich ranked paragraphs rather than collection of documents links. Snippet Search paragraphs is semantically related to what you looking for (i.e. content what you looking) so we will be able to get what he looking for directly without open other pages.

See Snippet Search in action…