Let's Play a Game of Take It or Leave It - Game 1

The way this game is played is you read a few statements on some hot topics below. If you agree with a statement then you “take it”; if you disagree then you “leave it.” And if you are so moved please write a convincing comment as to why. Got it?

Snowden vs. the State. Snowden represents true the spirit of freedom and is not a threat to all we hold dear.

Walled Garden vs. Federated Freedom. The Walled Garden has won the last decade. The cycle of life will return the balance and federated services will once again win the day.

Mobile + messaging vs. Le Web. Mobile + messaging is eating search and the web, changing the way things are found, discovered, and bought.

Fiat vs. Cryptocurrency. BitCoin has had its 400 million dollars of fame, it’s on the way out, a tulip gone out of bloom.

True Detective vs. The Field. True Detective is the best show on TV, ever. Wired and Breaking Bad need not apply.