Many updates against MySQL

Hello! My first post here, so be patient please. I am developing site where I have lots of static content. But on many pages I have query to update count of views. I would say this is may cause lots of problems and was interested in another solution like storing these counts somewhere else. As my knowledge is bit limited in this way, I am asking you. I can say I understand PHP(OOP ofc) and MySQL. Nowadays I am getting into servers.

Other question I have is:
I read about making lots of things static.(in Flickr Architecture) and am interested how they do static sites? Lets say they make photo page static? And rebuild when tagg or comment is added? I am bit interested in it as I want to learn Smarty better(newbie) and serving content.

Moreover, how about PHP? I have read many books about PHP theoretically but would love to see some RL example of using objects and exceptions(mainly this as I don't completely understand it) to learn some good programming habits. So if you can help me with some example or resource, please do :)

I know I've covered huge area of things but these are what makes me mad everyday. So please be patient :) Greetings.