Need for change in your IT infrastructure

Companies earnings outstrip forecasts, consumer confidence is retuning and city bonuses are back. What does this mean for business? Growth! After the recent years of cost cutting in IT budgets, there is the sudden fear induced from increased demand. Pre-existing trouble points in IT infrastructures that have lain dormant will suddenly be exposed. Monthly reporting and real time analytics will suffer as data grows. IT departments across the land will be crying out “The engine canna take no more captain”. What can be done?

What we need is a scalable system that grows with the business. A system that can handle sudden increases in data growth without falling over. There are two core principles to a scalable system (1) Users experience constant QoS as demand grows (2) System Architects can grow system capacity proportionally with the available resources. In other words, if demand increases twofold, it is “enough” to purchase twice the hardware.

This is linear growth. Is it enough to satisfy CEOs IT demands?

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