Oracle Can Do Read/Write Splitting Too

People sometimes wonder why Oracle isn't mentioned on this site more. Maybe it will now as Michael Nygard reports Oracle 11g now does read/write splitting with their Active Data Guard product. Average replication latency was 1 second and it's accomplished with standard Oracle JDBC drivers. They see a 250% increase in transactions per service for read-write service. And a 110% improvement in tps for read-only service was found. You see a change in hardware architecture with the new setup. They now recommend using a primary and multiple standby servers, a single controller per server, and a single set of disks in RAID1. Previously the recommendation was to have a primary and secondary server with two controllers per server and a set of mirrored disks per controller. The changes increase performance, availability, and hardware utilization. They also have a useful looking best practices document for High Availability called Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA).