Private/Public Cloud

Data centers are reshaping themselves by taking ideas from public cloud providers, such as Amazon and Google. The idea is to make the data center more cost-effective by enabling on-demand utility-based computing rather than dedicated machines. At the same time, it is clear that to make IT operations more effective, it doesn't make sense to run all the applications that are currently hosted in a company's data center in the private cloud. This calls for an integration between private and public cloud. In this post i discuss some of the challenges involved in making that happen:
1. How do we design applications to be cloud-agnostic?
2. How do we enable seamless fail-over to a public cloud?
3. Future-proofing: There are many cases in which we can't make a clear decision as to where our application should be running at the time of writing or developing the application. We would like to be in a position to change the decision as to where our application will be running even after our application has been completely developed.