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Optimus Cloud™ by Prima Grid (www.primagrid.com) provides development and distributed runtime environment designed to deliver internet-scale Software as a Service innovation.  Optimus Cloud™ Services Collaboration, deliver innovations with shorter-time-to-market and helps Cloud-based service developers to boost reuse and productivity.

Optimus Cloud™ Technology is a unique implementation of server-less, peer-to-peer, grid-based, cloud-ready service runtime that coordinates service components according to user-defined SLAs. Optimus Cloud™ is built for highly distributed heterogeneous environments and delivers none-trivial Qualities-of-Service. With its self-organizing and fault-tolerance capabilities Optimus Cloud™ improves price for performance, flexibility, time-to-market, robustness, application level elasticity, on demand scalability, capacity utilization and asset utilization.

Distributed service creation platform:
Optimus Cloud™ enables Service Developers to collaborate capabilities and services from distributed heterogeneous sources, assemble and easily mashup capabilities into new innovations. Capabilities can be legacy in house investments, third party cloud services, SOA based Services, APIs, Packaged applications etc. Optimus Cloud™ Delivers services innovation faster, reduces barriers to entry and risks dramatically lowering initial  investments.

Distributed service delivery platform:
Optimus Cloud™ provides a distributed grid computing runtime environment for Internet-scale cloud-ready-applications over clouds with the following
benefits and capabilities:

Maximize asset utilization:
Optimus Cloud™ built from the ground up based on Grid Technology, maximizes asset utilization of Clouds and multi-site data-center. Optimus Cloud™ allocates computing power on-demand and automatically adjusts application scale according to the changing demands. Thus, reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximizes profits.

Failure ready:
Optimus Cloud™ provides a failure ready environment for hosting highly distributed cloud-ready application components reducing the need for immediate administrative action thus the service scales and adjusts cost-effectively and reliably.

Improves productivity and shortens time-to-market:
Optimus Cloud™ improves productivity building Cloud-Based applications, enables developers to focus on delivering innovations while collaborating and assembling Cloud-Based Service capabilities.

Optimus Cloud™ assures secured access and control of services and information as profile and assets are partitioned and separated from other tenants. Optimus Cloud™ technology implements Multi-tenancy and can host multiple and separated Virtual Organizations.

On-Demand Scalability:
Optimus Cloud technology distributes workloads for improved utilization of computing power and scale application components on-demand based on virtual organizations policy and SLA. Optimus Cloud™ is a server-less Grid, thus has no single point or performance bottlenecks. Making Optimus Cloud™ a premium choice for massive scale application.

Delivers none trivial qualities:
Optimus Cloud™ features none-trivial-qualities-of-service in terms of performance, availability, throughput and sustainability as Optimus Cloud™infrastructure services continuously optimize service to meet with SLA terms.

Commodity hardware:
Optimus Cloud™ is a multi-cloud platform grid, and may be run on top of multiple utility and cloud computing service providers in order to accommodate Service requirements, scale and resilience.

Optimus Cloud Technology is optimal for resource utilization over multi-site multi-cloud services enabling services and applications to the Cloud.