Product: FastStats Log Analyzer

FastStats Log Analyzer enables you to:

  • Determine whether your CPC advertising is profitable:
  • Are you spending $0.75 per click on Google or Overture, but only receiving $0.56 per click in revenue?
  • Tune site traffic patterns:
  • FastStats's Hyperlink Tree View feature lets you visually see how traffic flows through your web site.
  • High-performance solution for even the busiest web sites:
  • Our software has been clocked at over 1000 MB/min. Other popular log file analysis tools (we won't name names), run at 1/40th the speed.
  • We've been in the business for over 6 years, delivering value, quality, and good customer service to our clients. Our products are used for data mining at some of the world's busiest web sites -- why not give FastStats a try at your web site? FastStats log file analysis supports a wide variety of web server log files, including Apache logs and Microsoft IIS logs.