Product: Tungsten Replicator

With Tungsten Replicator Continuent is trying to deliver a better master/slave replication system. Their goal: scalability, reliability with seamless failover, no performance loss.

From their website:
The Tungsten Replicator implements open source database-neutral master/slave replication. Master/slave replication is a highly flexible technology that can solve a wide variety of problems including the following:

* Availability - Failing over to a slave database if your master database dies
* Performance Scaling - Spreading reads across many copies of data
* Cross-Site Clustering - Maintaining active database replicas across WANs
* Change Data Capture - Extracting changes to load data warehouses or update other systems
* Zero Downtime Upgrade - Performing upgrades on a slave server which then becomes the master

The Tungsten Replicator architecture is flexible and designed to support addition of new databases easily. It includes pluggable extractor and applier modules to help transfer data from master to slave.

The Replicator is designed to include a number of specialized features designed to improve its usefulness for particular problems like availability.

* Replicated changes have transaction IDs and are stored in a transaction history log that is identical for each server. This feature allows masters and slaves to exchange roles easily.
* Smooth procedures for planned and unplanned failover.
* Built-in consistency check tables and events allow users to check consistency between tables without stopping replication or applications.
* Support for statement as well as row replication.
* Hooks to allow data transformations when replicating between different database types.

Tungsten Replicator is not a toy. It is designed to allow commercial construction of robust database cluster

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