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Scalability Perspectives is a series of posts that highlights the ideas that will shape the next decade of IT architecture. Each post is dedicated to a thought leader of the information age and his vision of the future. Be warned though – the journey into the minds and perspectives of these people requires an open mind.

Lew Tucker

Lew Tucker is the Vice President and CTO of Sun Microsystems’ Cloud Computing initiative.

Lew’s career has been focused on scalable computing and web development. Lew worked at Sun Microsystems through the 1990’s. In 2002, Lew joined Salesforce.com and led the design and implementation of App Exchange. After Salesforce.com, Lew was CTO at Radar Networks, where he focused on the scalable design and build out of its semantic web service.

The Sun Cloud API

Sun has recently announced its open RESTful API for creating and managing cloud resources, including compute, storage, and networking components. Lew and his team is busy implementing Sun's cloud offering. His background and experience from the creation of Salesforce App Exchange has helped the team to create a simple but flexible set of APIs. Lew envisions open, interoperable clouds based on community standards such as the Cloud API.

Your Own Virtual Data Center in the Cloud

Lew Tucker has demonstrated the use of the Sun Cloud by building a Virtual Data Center built of virtual servers, switches and storage. He commented on the announcement in this interview.

Check out the information sources below to understand the perspective of Lew Tucker on Cloud Computing and learn more about the relationship of the Sun and the Clouds. The TechCrunch roundtable is especially interesting.

Information Sources