Scaling Mania at MySQL Conference 2008

The 2008 MySQL Conference & Expo has now closed, but what is still open for viewing is all the MySQL scaling knowledge that was shared. Planet MySQL is a great source of the goings on:
  • Scaling out MySQL: Hardware today and tomorrow by Jeremy Cole and Eric Bergen of Proven Scaling. In it are answered all the big questions of life: What about 64-bit? How many cores? How much memory? Shared storage? Finally we learn the secrets of true happiness.
  • Panel Video: Scaling MySQL? Up or Out?. Don't have time? Take a look at the Diamond Note excellent game day summary. Companies like MySQL, Sun, Flickr, Fotolog, Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube share intel on how many web servers they have, how they handle failure, and how they scale.
  • Kevin Burton in Scaling MySQL and Java in High Write Throughput Environments - How we built Spinn3r shows how they crawl and index 500k posts per hour using MySQL and 40 servers.
  • Venu Anuganti channels Dathan Pattishall's talk on scaling heavy concurrent writes in real time.
  • This time Venu channels Helping InnoDB scale on servers with many cores by Mark Callaghan from Google.
  • Exploring Amazon EC2 for Scale-out Applications by Morgan Tocker, MySQL Canada, Carl Mercier, Defensio. RoR based spam filtering services that runs completely on EC2. Show evolution from a simple configuration to a sharded architecture.
  • Applied Partitioning and Scaling Your (OLTP) Database System by Phil Hilderbrand.
  • Real World Web: Performance & Scalability by Ask Bjorn Hansen. (189 slides!). He promises you haven't seen this talk before. The secret: Think Horizontal.
  • Too many to list here. All the presentations are available on scribd.